I am now officially an Aging Life Care Professional! You may be wondering “What the heck is an Aging Life Care Professional, and why should I care?” Click here for a fantastic explanation from The Aging Life Care Association itself.

The Aging Life Care Association is an organization for professionals who provide care management services to the elderly and other vulnerable populations. Care management is exactly what it sounds like – helping a person and/or their family manage care. Managing care also includes navigating care, accessing care, assessing care needs, and advocating for care. This help may be simple, or it may be complicated, depending on a person’s needs. It often includes medical care and may also include legal care, financial care, mental health care, and other types of care.

One time my assessment of a client’s situation was they did not need me on an ongoing basis, but at the same time, I was able to provide the client with valuable tools and vocabulary for moving forward. There have been times when a client needed support with advance care planning, or help with healthcare directives. Sometimes clients need support at the end of their lives, or assistance in navigating a chronic illness. Sometimes beloved family members live far away, and support means assessing their loved ones situation for that reason alone. Essentially, the support provided by an Aging Life Care Professional or care manager is as unique as the person or people provided with the support.