There is a Quaker saying that I have heard from time to time throughout my life. It is “Proceed as the way opens”. Then there is the Zen proverb “Move and the way will open”. I am sure there are a myriad of other similar sentiments throughout cultures and throughout the ages. I cannot say that I totally understood such sentiments until I recently decided to go into private practice providing counseling services, care management services, and end-of-life doula services. And then… well… the way began to open

A friend created my website.

Another friend assisted me with my business card. 

A professional colleague sublet her office space to me at an affordable rate.

Another professional colleague magically sends me information about my chosen field exactly when I need it.

Not one, not two, but THREE professional photographers in my community offered to take my head shot for no compensation. (Well, in one case, the photographer’s mom offered – but he agreed.)

Oh. I get it now. The way is opening. Huh.