Partner Relationship Manager

I worked with Kathy Link at a local hospice. When tensions were high and Kathy’s teammates were struggling she stepped in and willingly offered her assistance. She skillfully defused strained situations and was a calm presence. As an LCSW I have found her to be extremely conscientious and thoughtful professionally and personally when I have experienced personal trauma myself. Our partners requested her specifically and found tremendous value in what she offered our mutual patients. She’s generous with her time, a wealth of information and will be a gift where she’s planted.

Johanna Williams

Registered Nurse

I worked with Kathy for two years. We worked on the same team, caring for patients together. I have never worked with a more diligent, thoughtful or compassionate person than Kathy. She always went above and beyond to meet patient’s needs. When I had concerns about certain patient’s psycho-social needs, she always took them seriously and either assisted directly or she would guide me in the right direction. I felt very supported by Kathy as I knew she always kept the patient’s well being as her top priority. She thinks outside the box which I always appreciated. She has a calming and grounding presence. She’s also incredibly good at collaborating with team members. I highly enjoyed being on her team.

Corie McInnis

Retired Certified Social Worker

I have known Kathy since 2012 when we worked together as social workers in an in-patient hospice setting. I can recommend her without reservation. She is a person who gives her full attention to the person with whom she is speaking. Her warmth and caring are immediately evident. She possesses an intelligence and curiosity as evidenced by learning new approaches to help people. She is equally effective with groups and individuals. Through Kathy, the company we worked for founded a bereavement group for people who have lost beloved pets. Kathy has a generous heart, a quality she brings to all she does.

Catherine Lynch

As a hospice team leader, I was privileged to work with Kathy Link, MSW, as we supported and cared for our clients at the end of life.  Kathy’s compassion and understanding of human nature made her among the most sought-after social workers in the organization.  Kathy consistently went above and beyond her role as a team social worker, jumping in to help colleagues as needed.  When a chaplain was unavailable to provide spiritual guidance during interdisciplinary meetings, Kathy would step in and fulfill that role.  When the team was planning a community event – especially with senior groups — Kathy always made herself available to participate.  Kathy was an active member of the bereavement team, offering comfort to families and colleagues, alike.  She even took it a step further and started a Pet Loss Bereavement group for the community that was a great success.  She was an invaluable source of support and confidante to her colleagues, both on our team, and throughout the organization.  Kathy has always expressed her passion for working with seniors in the community and her work has consistently demonstrated this.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Kathy.

Mary Anne Douglas MSN, RN, CHPN, CNL

I worked with Kathy at a hospice service organization in Asheville for approximately 2.5 years. She was one of three social workers and I was the volunteer coordinator. As part of her role, she was to talk to new patients to determine if they had a need for volunteers and then to provide me the appropriate information for me to meet the need.

Kathy was very prompt in her assessment of volunteer needs, as well as thorough. She not only assessed by what the patient and family told her but also would observe and note where a need exists. She provided complete information afterward as to specific roles volunteers were needed in, and has by far the highest number of volunteer referrals in the office.

Whenever there was any question as to whether a volunteer could be provided for any reason, Kathy was excellent in collaboration versus confrontation. She would come to my office and advocate for the patient and family, then intently listen if I saw the situation differently. She would look at both sides of the situation and consider compromising when necessary.

Her assessments covered not only the required areas, but she also went further– providing information about pets, patient’s favorite hobbies, activities likes and dislikes– so that the volunteer could enter with helpful knowledge to begin building a relationship.

She was a pleasure to work with until my retirement and we made a great team in meeting patient and family needs. She worked long hours, sometimes beyond the compensated hours, to ensure that needs were met.
She established relationships with managerial, administrative and nursing staff in each nursing home and assisted living facility we served and is still well respected by them.
She has always searched for continuous improvement for our office and for herself. She has high accreditations not only in social work but also including casework with those who have substance use disorders.
I hold her in high esteem to this day.
Mike Garner
Mike Garner

Executive Assistant at Benedict Center

I have known Kathy Link for 14 years. During that time, she has demonstrated unwavering kindness, creativity, humor, drive, discipline, tenacity, insight, and a passion to help. She also possesses outstanding verbal and written communication skills. I am pleased to unreservedly endorse her.

Kathy Bauernfiend

President at Turn Around Publishing

Kathy Link worked with me for over 5 plus years. Her job was working with various clients in schools, government organizations and conference planners. She is one of the most dependable, organized, resourceful, creative and hardworking people that I know. consider yourself lucky if Kathy works with you.

Ronald Glodoski


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