Care Management Services


During the best of times, in the most simple of circumstances, the world can be complicated and difficult to navigate. If your circumstances are not simple, and you or your loved ones are not experiencing the best of times, then the words ‘complicated’ and ‘difficult’ may actually be understatements. Kathy Link can help you overcome obstacles, and support you through your life’s transitions.

Kathy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist in the state of North Carolina and provides care management for multiple populations, including:

–          Geriatric/elder care/senior citizens

–          Physical disabilities

–          Chronic illnesses

–          Intellectual and developmental disabilities

–          Mental health issues

–          Substance use disorder issues (commonly known as drug and alcohol abuse and addiction or chemical dependency)

Services include:

–          Creating a person-centered, fiscally responsible plan of care

–          Crisis intervention

–          Community resource identification, brokering and allocation

–          Dispatching and communicating information to the client’s care team including family, friends, natural supports, and all pertinent health care systems

–          Coordinating care

–          Pragmatic assistance with documentation and bureaucratic systems

–          Advance care planning


 Counseling Services


Kathy Link is a fully-licensed therapist in the state of North Carolina. She is unique in that, not only does she have office hours, but she will come to you if your situation warrants it and safety allows. She has online options as well. Kathy’s specialty is creating a relaxed, friendly, and open-hearted atmosphere to explore emotional and mental health issues and goals, the needs surrounding these issues and goals, and then creating a plan so that you may begin to feel better.

Specialties include:

–          Incorporating meditation and mindfulness modalities

–          The mind-body connection –  connections that run through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health

–          Goal setting

–          Recovery from and through substance use disorders (commonly known as drug or alcohol abuse/addiction, or chemical dependency)

–          Recovery from mental illness to mental wellness

–          Grief, loss and bereavement counseling

–          Transforming challenges into opportunities

–         Assisting you in reaching your highest potential

–         Pet loss grief support


End-of-Life Doula


The end-of-life doula (or death doula) movement is a grassroots movement meant to add meaning and compassion to the dying process for the dying and their loved ones. The supports available are as diverse as the people being served. Please call or email Kathy for more information. 


Pet Loss Grief Support Group

Pets are family. The death or illness of a pet, or loss of a pet due to some other reason may be devastating and traumatic. The Pet Loss Grief Support Group offers participants an opportunity to grieve in a safe and compassionate environment. Click links for a PDF Flyer to print or JPG image to share. This group is free and open to the public. Walk-ins welcome.

  • Express emotions related to grief
  • Share memories and pictures of your pet
  • Gain tools and techniques for dealing with pet death and pet loss
  • Connect with fellow grievers and create a support network


Woodfin Wellness Group, 3 Woodfin Avenue (2nd floor)
Asheville, NC  28805 (North of UNCA off Riverside Drive)


Anybody who is grieving the death or loss of a pet whether recently or in the past, and those who are anticipating the death or loss of a pet due to illness or other circumstances. Hosted by Kathy Link, LCSW, LCAS

Rest in Peace Bailey Roo Link – December 1994 – February 2010